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Nukualofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

Address: Nuku`alofa , Tonga

Events at Nukualofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

The Majuro Declaration on Climate Leadership confirmed the responsibility of all to act urgently to reduce and phase down greenhouse gas pollution in order to avert a climate crisis for present and fu...
Nuku`alofa April 27, 2017, 6:00 pm

About Nukualofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

Nukualofa is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. It is located on the north coast of the island of Tongatapu, in the southernmost island group of Tonga.HistoryMythological originsIn the Tongan myth of the origin of Nukualofa, it was said that the meaning of Nukualofa is: nuku meaning abode, alofa meaning love.The name is said to have originated when Moungatonga, the 6th Tui Haatakalaua sent his youngest son, Ngata as governor to Hihifo (Western side of Tongatapu). It was a difficult decision for Ngata as the Tu’i Tonga and Tu’i Ha’atakalaua have been unable to control Hihifo. Ngata had many reasons to fear for his life as his predecessors had been killed by the chiefs and people of Hihifo.When Ngata left Mua, the old capital and residence of the Tui Tonga and Tui Ha'atakalaua, he was escorted by Nuku (an uncle) and Niukapu (an older cousin), chiefly relatives of his father. They sailed their canoes with all their followers from Mua and debated abandoning Tonga and sailing directly to Samoa, the homeland of Ngata’s mother. It was decided not to abandon Tonga, but to pull their canoes up into the swamp area halfway between Mua and Hihifo in order to plan and prepare for their landing at Hihifo.Ngata, Nuku and Niukapu decided to wrap their combined bodies under a large mat and land in Hihifo, giving the impression of a large man with three heads. This is the origin of the Ulutolu (Three Head Story) and of the Haa Tui Kanokupolu, third lineage King of Tonga. They named the swampy area as Nuku (Abode) Alofa (Love) or the Abode of Love, thus Nukualofa.First western records of NukualofaOn 10 June 1777, British captain James Cook wrote of his arrival at their anchorage place. His description of the place confirmed, with his map, that this was the bay of Nukualofa.
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