Open Innovation Challenge: Improving the Lives of Internally Dis

Open Innovation Challenge: Improving the Lives of Internally Dis

When: March 31, 2018, 9:00 am
Venue: UNDP in Somalia
Address: Mogadishu , Somalia (map)
Organizer: UNDP in Somalia (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
Application process now open - deadline: 31st of March 2018! Apply via:

Are you a young Somali innovator between the ages of 18­-35? Do you have a solution to improve the lives of people living in Internally Displaced Communities in Mogadishu? Tell us about it!

As a result of conflict and climate disasters in Somalia, over 2 million Somali people have been forced to flee their homes and now live in very poor conditions in settlements.

The Government of Somalia, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and UN Habitat, have launched an open innovation challenge to find solutions that can make a difference to the lives of people who have had to leave their homes behind.

We’re calling for young innovators to submit ideas on the following themes:

1. Access to Water. Challenges include:

• Women and youth travel long distances in search for water and carry a heavy load
• Large families cannot afford water
• Lack of hygiene and proper storage which leads to disease outbreaks

2. Access to Education. Challenges include:

• Lack of schools
• Schools are not affordable due to fees, and costs for books and uniform
• Children are asked to work to support families and as result cannot attend school
• Families cannot afford transport costs and walking to school is dangerous
• High illiteracy rates for both parents and children
• Lack of awareness on the importance of education

3. Safety & Security. Challenges include:

• Sexual violence against women and girls
• An increase in petty crimes and robberies

4. Child Care. Challenges include:

• Risk of child abuse due to insecure environment
• Child malnutrition
• Lack of access to affordable schools, nurseries and day cares Who Can Apply:
• Teams of Somali young people aged 18 – 35
• Young people from IDP communities and young people who are living in communities hosting IDP communities are encouraged to apply
• Each team should have from 2 ­ 6 members
• Teams of people who are living in IDP communities together with people living in host communities are strongly encouraged

What type of ideas are we looking for?

• Relevance: does your idea address one of the four themes?
• Impact: will your idea change the lives of IDPs?
• Innovation: does your idea address a real need in a creative way?
• Feasibility: is your idea easy to implement and low­cost?
• Well­ researched: why will your idea work? we recommend that you do your own online research, visit communities, talk to IDPs and find out their daily struggles.
• Team competency: there’s a diversity of skills in your team
• Income­ generation: will your idea generate an income for you? How will it work?

How to Apply

Step 1: Form a team and submit your ideas in the application form at We will select 40 of the most promising ideas and you will be invited to present to a panel

Step 2: 25 ideas will be selected to participate in an intensive boot­camp to strengthen your ideas. You will learn skills like design thinking, entrepreneurship, prototyping, business and finance and you will receive feedback from experts.

Step 3: You will be given an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and to pitch again! 10 of the most impactful solutions will be chosen by a panel and will receive more support!

Step 4: All 10 teams will be invited to pitch their business plans and the top 5 solutions will be funded!

This innovation challenge is part of the Durable Solutions Initiative (DSI), which promotes a joint and integrated approach in delivering long term durable solutions for displacement. This means humanitarian, development, peace and state building partners work together simultaneously under the leadership of the government. For more info see

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