2nd Annual Gender in Higher Education in Somalia Conference

2nd Annual Gender in Higher Education in Somalia Conference

When: September 13, 2017, 9:00 am
Venue: Same Hotel
Address: 30 Garoowe , Somalia (map)
Organizer: SIDRA Institute (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
SIDRA Institute will be hosting the 2nd Annual Gender in Higher Education Knowledge Exchange from Wednesday the 13th to Friday the 15th of September 2017. The conference will broadly explore women in higher education in Somalia specifically focusing on Female Lecturers in Somalia and the;

1. Skills and Career Development of Female Lectures
2. Issues surrounding Employment and Promotions of Female Lecturers
3. Issues surrounding Research and Publications of Female Lecturers

Through interrogative lectures, penal discussions, presentation and debates, the following specific objectives will be robustly addressed;

- To share good practices and experiences as well as research results concerning changes and challenges related to gender equality in academia as they relate to female lecturers
- To gain a deeper understanding of the current situation of Somali female lecturers -
- To explore the promotion of gender equality policies and their implementation in higher education and research institutions as they relate to female lecturers
- To discuss experiences and challenges female lecturers face in skills, career development, in employment and promotions and in conducting research and publications
- To investigate opportunities for female lecturers academics to publish scientific on how challenges could be overcome and/or addressed; avenues for opportunities
- To promote and strengthen regional cooperation in Somalia in the area of gender in higher education through participation of such events, through membership in the Community of Practice and through the documentation and maintenance of a database of who is doing what where in this field in Somalia.

This event will be attended by representatives from the government, higher education institutions, academics, women’s groups, youth groups, civil society actors, the media, researchers, professors, administrators, policy-makers, practitioners, students, academics, bloggers, writers, activists and journalists involved in the production of knowledge and research infrastructure in the context of Somalia.

Some of the confirmed Keynote Speakers include Faduma Mukhtar Ali, Lecturer at the University of Southern Somalia in Baido will speak about ‘Skills and Career Development of Female Lectures in Somalia’

Keynote Speaker Hamdi Omar Hassan, Lecturer at Al-Hilaal University in Mogadishu will speak about ‘Employment and Promotions of Female Lecturers in Somalia'
There will also be other speakers and presenters.

Together they will address what some of the major issues are that female lecturers are facing in these areas in Somalia today? What skills do they need most? What opportunities and solutions exist? What have they published? Are they contributing to knowledge production in Somalia, if yes why and if no why not? What obstacles exist? Can these be achieved in Somalia? What is your personal experience? Are the issues the same all over Somalia or do they differ?

Also during the 3 day SIDRA Institute will launch the Community of Practice of Somali Women in Higher Education where Somali women can like up and share resources.

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