When: April 10, 2018, 12:00 am
Venue: Genesis'18
Address: College of engineering Trivandrum , India (map)
Organizer: Genesis'18 (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
Genesis, starting of a new era in electronics. We are approaching a new age of synthesis. So electronics and communication department, college of engineering trivandrum is conducting a series of workshops to enhance the Engineer in you, to be ready to cope up with the change,to adapt the new circumstances, to rise with the new genesis. A pool of options from which we You can be a part of this genesis

1. Mastering Git

Are you a budding developer then it's time you knew the ins and out of maintaining a git account.A good git repository is equivalent to a great resume and will help in coding projects .The workshop will provide an introduction into version control,the basics of creating a repository which will include creating branches,pull requests,forking and many more.The workshop will nurture your git-twigs so that they will grow into a full branch,so be there @CET
Date:10th march 2018
Contact:aditya anoop:8547536469
Allen sebastian:9207105913

2.ROS(Robotic Operating System)

Robotics is an area where the future dugs in. ROS is a platform that enables exponential growth in the field of robotics. ROS enables a single standrad and makes it easy for us to deal with the robots. The collaborative efforts of all members and society involved in robotics is put together to form a flexible and robust operaing system. The workshop aims to help students to understand the ROS platform and make use of the platform to creat their own robotic projects like a piece of cake.
Date:11th march 2018
contact: Anilapriya:9446015301


The new era is ruled by controllers, where we can see a microcontrolller in each and everything we come across. Mastering the art of controlling is enabled by ARM and PIC. Through this workshops on ARM and PIC we tend to impove and establish knowledge in those areas.
The participants are availed extra benefits of
*40% discount in advanced learnings conducted by NETWORKZSYSTEM and
*Placement assist in leading companies.
Date:24th march 2018
contact: Aswin:9400413466

4. Introduction to image processing

Everything associated with real time enhancement or automation involves manipulation of images. This is fulfilled by image processing. Through this workshop we intend introduce the participants to the world of image processing. Everything from the base to a small step or simple project using the image processing techniques. The participants will be able to understand the image processing atmosphere and enhance their abilities in the area after the workshop.
Date:25th march 2018

5.NVIDIA Deep Learning

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on training for developers, data scientists, and researchers looking to solve the world’s most challenging problems with deep learning. This DLI instructor-led workshop aims to provide training on the latest techniques for designing, training, and deploying neural networks across a variety of application domains. Participants will explore widely used open-source frameworks as well as NVIDIA’s latest GPU-accelerated deep learning platforms. DLI University Ambassador Program is an NVIDIA initiative to partner with academics to teach DLI workshops at local universities, academic conferences, and events. This Workshop will be conducted by DLI Certified Ambassador -Prof. Chickerur

Date:10th April 2018
Registration: The workshop will be free. But since the seats are limited, admission will be only for the ones who have attended atleast one of the GENESIS workshops.

Discount Prize if you attend all the workshops:1200
For home participation:1000


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