CALL-UP|Hey! Be bold, Youngsters!

CALL-UP|Hey! Be bold, Youngsters!

When: January 11, 2017, 2:00 pm
Address: B1-21,Deyi Fashion Mall,Jiaochangkou,Yuzhong district.渝中区较场口得意潮馆西门负一楼21号 Chongqing , China (map)
Organizer: NUTS LIVE HOUSE (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
Made in Chongqing//NEW FACE battle
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New face is a long term activity of Nuts, and it had been held successfully for 17 times so far. Many remarkable local new musicians/bands had been known and accepted by the fans through this event.
But, this is way not enough. More opportunities, more audience and bigger stage needed by the outstanding music youngsters!

In the past years, Nuts was thinking about how to promote
local indie music. Well, the wisdom path is the stupid path either, supporting indie musicians. The condition is you are top-notch player and dare to show it.
In 2017, New face introduced game ranking system, base on the selection of performances, we will find outstanding young musicians, and provide excellent young musicians proper guide and support, including material incentives, signing, promotion and so on. We are aiming to motivate the development of local indie music market in healthy way, and open up local original music audiences’ horizon.

No matter you are in group or just on your own. No matter what you are playing, folk、hiphop or punk, indie or metal、jazz, no matter electronics or OS rock... As long as you got your original music, you have the chance to account for this stage! One more for sure, if you are good enough, we will make every effort to provide you with a larger stage!

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