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Steinlager Arm Wrestling Competition

Steinlager Arm Wrestling Competition

When: December 17, 2016, 2:00 pm
Venue: Le Rendez-Vous
Address: Main Road Nikao , Cook Islands (map)
Organizer: Le Rendez-Vous (Facebook)
Who is the Strongest on the Island ?

A vaka paddler ? A fisherman ? A rugby player ? A crossfit addict ? Your sister ? Your Dad ?

At Le Rendez-Vous we want to know. And that's why we decided to organize this event. We have an official armwrestling table ready to welcome all contestants over 18 years old.

Challenge your friends from the Gym, your sports Team or your village neighbors. You can also build your team at work and represent your company. Or come by yourself if you feel strong enough !

We have 4 categories of weight for the women and the men. Everyone has a chance !

It's FREE to watch of course. It's $14 to compete. Buy your ticket from LE RENDEZ-VOUS in Panama. and you get your first beer and a nice meal included. When you'll buy your ticket you'll also be weighted and will receive a booklet with some infos about the Comp and some basic rules about arm wrestling.

There will be some great food all day long, Ice Cold Steinlager Beers and.... $2500 in cash and vouchers thanks to the strongest local sponsors (Origin Gas, Auto Tech, CI STEEL, Paradise Beauty, Rumours, The Bond Store, BoogHouse, Raromart, Snowbird Laundry, Pool Doctor, DJ Gas, T&M, Air NZ and Knickers Lingerie)

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