Bhutan & Nepal: Himalayan Kingdoms Hiking

Bhutan & Nepal: Himalayan Kingdoms Hiking

When: April 24, 2017, 8:00 am
Venue: Tiger's Nest, Paro, Bhutan
Address: Taktsang trail Paro , Bhutan (map)
Organizer: Boundless Journeys (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
Join Boundless Journeys for Himalayan Kingdoms Hiking, an awe-inspiring adventure that combines the highlights of the Dragon Kingdom—Bhutan—with a five-day trek through the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains of Nepal. This is truly an epic journey through Himalayan landscapes, infused with mountain cultures, beautiful vistas, and a revitalizing trek amid the highest mountains in the world.

While in Bhutan, you’ll explore the monasteries and fortresses of this ancient kingdom and discover the unique Bhutanese culture. In Nepal, jaw-dropping mountain scenery, terraced hillsides, beautiful forests, and friendly villagers greet you on our cultural trek. There’s even an opportunity to take a flight across the Himalayan range, passing the world’s tallest peaks, including Mount Everest. With Boundless Journeys’ Himalayan Kingdoms Hiking tour in Bhutan and Nepal, you’ll experience the best of two complementary worlds.

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