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Embrace Yourself

Embrace Yourself

When: January 20, 2017, 5:30 pm
Venue: sunshine Kula Yoga
Address: Holetown , Barbados (map)
Organizer: Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio (Facebook)
Peter & DeAnna, Anusara Yoga teachers will join to immerse your body Mind and heart with belief that YOU are the one you have been waiting for all along! This will be an in-depth teaching of great alignment for both your yoga practice and your daily life as you mind and heart sync up and you sink into the divine river or light that is your true nature. We will take you a little beyond your comfort zone!
Friday 20th 5.30-8.00pm level 1/2 BDS$90 "You are the one youve been waiting for" in this potpuri asana class every yoga pose will begin with a basic yet powerful alignmnet principle that supports the encounter and connection to the inner beloved.
Saturday 21st 9.30-12.00pm level 1/2 $90 BDS " Wisdom is the path to Empowerment" in this class we will root into the heart with shoulder openers and backbends to experience the power of the fire of Yoga's wisdom.
Saturday 21st 2.00-4.30 level1/2$90 " Om om om your boat gently down the stream of Grace" Yoga is the act of living a life of knowledge informed by Grace. Be carried gracefully across the sea of all challenges. Forward bends, twists, hip openers and Oms will aloow you to swim in your open sea.
Sunday 22 9.30- 12.00pm level 2/3 " Tolerating the consequences of being yourself" is who you imagine yourself to be consitent with who your really are? Aquaint with your self and meet yourself in kind embarce. lets explore this be-ing in a MASTER class of poses that will take you to your limits, allow your greatness to shine and your vulnerability to be seen.
Do all 3 level 1/2 classes for $255 Bdos- Pay by 6th Jan $80 per class or all $225
Sunday level 2/3 $90 or $80 by Jan 6th.
ALL 4 classes $280 by Jan 6th.

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