Discover the Magic of Essential Oils

Discover the Magic of Essential Oils

When: September 23, 2017, 10:00 am
Venue: Maleny Community Centre
Address: 23 Maple Street Maleny QLD, Australia (map)
Organizer: Maleny Community Centre (This event have been posted on Facebook first)
Join Lisa Coulson and Shannon Page for a relaxed, informative workshop series where you will learn how you can transforming your life with Essential Oils.
First Up – Introduction to Essential Oils
In this workshop, you will learn about the powerful therapeutic benefits of doTERRA's ethically and sustainably sourced essential oils, and how easily you can create a toxic free lifestyle for you and your family. If you are looking at natural solutions to manage the emotional and physical health of the whole family, essential oils can truly transform the way you approach health and wellness.
What you will learn:
• What are pure (the purest in the world) and potent essential oils which are harvested in their indigenous soil.
• Explore natures solutions for your health, and learn how to use them safely (how to dilute/modify for use on infants and children).
• How to create and cultivate a regular self-care practice for wellbeing in everyday life.
• How to use essential oils in cooking (and try some infused treats at the end of the workshop!)
• How to use essential oils for mood balancing and managing emotions.
• How to replace many store-bought products and household items with simply made natural & cruelty-free ingredients.
Who is this session for?
• Parents who want to know about how Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CTPG) essential oils can play a large role in natural emotional and physical care for their family.
• You are feeling tension, and want to learn how essential oils can assist with alleviating stress and mood balancing.
• Your babes and kids could do with a bit of assistance in mood balancing, and you want to explore more natural alternatives to support this.
• You are looking for alternatives to manage your health and wellbeing naturally.
• You would like to take precious time to focus on you, and learn from others about how important self-care is and how you can incorporate loving self-care practices into your life.
• You want to learn more about natural solutions and how to make your own non-toxic insect repellents/cleaning products/pure-fumes for a fraction of the cost of store bought varieties.
• You absolutely love the sound of essential oils that are so pure you can cook with them!!
We love sharing our experiences with others and would love to have your company at this event.
And Then – Emotions and Essential Oils
In an increasingly busy world, we all ride the emotional rollercoaster and our mood and wellbeing tends to suffer. With poor sleep, a million things to do, stress, and challenging relationships, we all experience distressing emotions every day and sometimes they get the better of us.

Come along to this relaxed, informative workshop to hear from Lisa Coulson (a psychologist with vast experience in mental illness) and learn how essential oils work on emotions to create positive change and minimise the psychological impact that unmanaged distress can have. Lisa will also discuss the importance of sleep and gut health and how you can harness essential oils to improve both!!

Create your own Emotion Potion to take home to help let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.
During this workshop, you will learn:
• How essential oils support emotions and mood – a little bit of science.
• How and when to use essential oils for emotion and mood support.
• Which oils and blends are best for you.
• How essential oils can support your sleep and help you manage stress.
• How essential oil can form part of your self-care routine to promote balance and psychological wellbeing.
Lisa's focus is on helping people to reach their full potential and live meaningful lives by supporting them to manage emotions, challenge faulty beliefs and improve their lifestyle. Lisa firmly believes change happens when we take action, and she adopts a practical approach when working with people, empowering them to manage life’s challenges and thrive. Lisa adopts a holistic approach to support individuals, couples and families to overcome adversity and transform their lives. With a focus on natural solutions including essential oils, nutrition and mindfulness, Lisa nurtures growth in others, body, mind and spirit. Lisa regularly runs essential oil workshops, self-development and business training, and she offers emotional coaching for those who need some extra support. If you are wanting to transform your life, contact Lisa today!
To contact lisa, visit her at or email at

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